Ekologické likvidace vozidel

Ecological disposal of vehicles for free - 24 hours a day

Volejte 24 hodin denně 777 156 150

Telefonická objednávka
Ilustrační foto - areál ekologických likvidací Ilustrační foto - areál ekologických likvidací
Call us :
+420 602780573
Due to limited English speaking staff we would like to kindly ask you for communication via email - 24hrs nonstop service:
Prepare following data:
  • Name and contact information of person, who hands over the vehicle
  • Type of wreck (e.g. Ford Escort)
  • Place and address of vehicle
  • Date and time of vehicle towing
  • Transport condition – by our tow car or on your own to a collect point
  • If you wish to arrange cancel of vehicle registration
  • Important information we should know (vehicle without wheels, immobile in underground garage or placed in other heavily accessed locations.
Ecological disposal of vehicle is free of charge. including transport of your wreck in Prague region. In case of immovable wreck outside Prague region, we offer towing for convenient price.

Get the approximate towing price for your location


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