Ekologické likvidace vozidel

Frequently asked questions about ecological disposal

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Do I really have to leave the vehicle ecologicaly disposed or are there other possibilities how to cancel the registraion?

Unfortunately, according the valid regulations, ecological disposal is the only way how to legally cancel the registration in traffic inspectory, and to avoid later fees.

Is it possible to dispose ecologically the vehicle of by myself?

Ecological disposal of vehicles can be held only by accredited subject with appropriate permission, who issues a certificate. That´s why the owner is not allowed to make a disposal by himself.

What does it mean a Certificate of ecological liquidation of vehicle?

Protokol o ekologické likvidaci vozidla It is a significant and required document, which comprises information about ecological disposal of vehicle and serves as a neccessary document for cancelling the registration of vehicle. The certificate can be issued by the accredited company and each certificate is signed by a unique electronically generated code. The validity of the code is checked during the cancelling of registration in traffic inspectory. The certificate is guaranty for you, that the disposal is valid and made according the latest regulations and amendments. For more information abou the Certificate of ecological disposal of vehicle and how to avoid problems, please, click here.

What are the wreck conditions, to have the disposal free of charge?

The wreck must comprise main parts as a bodywork, engine, gearbox, axles, alternatively the support frame of a car. Some accessories of engine (starter, alternator, distributor) or interior are not neccessary. The wreck can be burn down, but with above mentioned components.

Standard surcharge for missing parts of wreck (weight loss):
  • Engine – 500kč
  • Gearbox,/differential – 500kč
  • Cover plates (hood, doors, boot) – 200kč /piece
  • Complete axle – 600kč
  • Completely burned car, only bodywork -1000kč
  • Vehicles produced mainly from non-metallic materials (Trabant) – 1500kč

Can be the wreck put on disposal with operating fluids?

The wreck can comprise all standard operating fluids icluding car battery, fuel, brake fluid, oils, freeze liquid, etc.

If I loose documents to the car or registration plates?

In case of loosing technical card, it is neccessary to have a duplicate issued in competent authority. In case of loosing registration plates, it is neccessary to report that fact after the disposal during the cancelling of registration of vehicle in office.

What are the possibilities of handing over the vehicle and do I need to be present at disposal?

The vehicle can be haned over by our towing car or you can bring it to our collect point by your own. Towing and collect points are in operation for your convenience 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays.
You do not have to be present during disposal. Confirmed power of attorney for this operation is sufficient. Available on our internet pages, by a driver of towing car and in our collecting points.

May I take care of disposal on behalf of another person or deceased person?

Plná moc pro předání vozidla k ekologické likvidaci vozidla 

Of course, you can. It is neccessary to get a power of attorney/declaration of owner (does not need to be certified) with his sign and a copy of identity card. If the former owner does not live, it is neccessary present documents entiting you to handle with this inheritance. Document examples see here.

Is it possible ecologically dispose a vehicle of with installed LPG drive?

Yes, it is possible. We are introducing this service and accept demands on disposal of vehicles with installed LPG (or CNG).

We perform professional disassembly of high pressure tanks before the ecological disposal in order to protect our employees. This service is free of charge.

What types of vehicles, you are able to ecologically dispose of?

Our standards for disposal are practised on personal vehicles and vans. In case of light trucks or agricultural vehicles, please contact our non-stop line 777 156 150.

How to pay for the service?

If the service is charged, the payment is made after the service during the handover of certificate of ecological disposal or to our courier or by the cash on delivery in case of sending the documents.

I need to dispose more vehicles of, do you provide discounts?

There is a discount 500kč, in case of request for towing two vehicles at time.

If all vehicles meet the conditions for disposal for free, the towing of all vehicles is also for free.

I do not live in Prague region, is there any solution?

Feel free to contact our non-stop line 777 156 150, we will try to make you an offer, which will meet your demands.

I have handed the vehicle over, but I need to disassemble some parts from it. Is it possible?

No, it is not. As soon as the vehicle is handed over for ecological disposal, there start immediately actions to its dismantling and scrapping, so i tis not possible to later remove anythning from the vehicle. Before handind over, please, in case of need, dismount all valuable accessories and parts, for you.

I have discovered internet pages with almost the same content as yours or pages with obviously similar text.What does it mean?

Unfortunately, the easiest way how to compete in internet presentations is copyright piracy and easily copy anything, what was already invented. Nevertheless, our physical work, services and customer satisfaction is something, what cannot be copied. Unlike the others, our company provides full service 24 hours a day, thanks to full equipment and great coordination of each department.Our systém enables us to dispose a vehicle and issue a cerificate anytime 24 hours a day. Ask our rivals, if they are able to dispose your vehicle and issue a certificate on Sunday afternoon or at 2a.m. if there is a need of disposal for example after an accident or you just do not have time solve it later. We are able. Because we do it first-rate and for our customers


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