Ekologické likvidace vozidel

Ecological disposal of vehicles for free - 24 hours a day

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Ecological disposal of vehicles for free - 24 hours a day

Comfortable way, how to get rid of your useless vehicle, which served long and reliably.
Ilustrační foto - areál ekologických likvidací Ilustrační foto - areál ekologických likvidací
We can solve it for you – FREE OF CHARGE
  1. Transport of your wreck by a tow car at time, that suits you
  2. Nonstop working hours – early in the morning, late at night, weekends, holidays,… no need to take a day off.
  3. Certificate of ecological disposal of vehicle (scrappage document) is handed over right away after the collecition of your wreck by a tow car. We can manage it as the only company on the market. You do not need to wait and you can cancel registration on traffic inspectorate immediately. We can do this step for you, as well. .
  4. Procedure in accordance with local regulations and with latest legal amendments. You receive entirely latest and valid certificates. Cancelling of registration without any problem is guaranteed with us.
  5. Posibility to send documents by messenger or express service of Czech Post.
  6. No hidden fees
Price for all above mentioned services:
Prague and its close parts: FREE
Out of Prague : according to the distance starting at 300 CZK (plus VAT 20%)

The fee including transport of wreck 24h a day, making out certificate right away and ecological disposal of vehicle.


You can order ecological disposal of vehicle online, see below. Or if you prefer order by telephone, find more information . here.

Online order

More information:

In case of any question on ecological liquidation, feel free to contact. our helpdesk or read FAQ.


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